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Orchestra Conductor on Stage

This library was originally created to provide incidental music for the smaller orchestras touring with Katherine Jenkins, both in the UK and abroad.

As the expense of touring a full symphony orchestra worldwide was prohibitive, I had to decide on a compromise that would give the ability of the orchestra to play almost anything, without losing out on the quality of the pieces. Using these reduced orchestrations, the sound produced by this group of musicians is amazing and can either be amplified or not depending on the amount of strings. Please note, they are not easy-play! The strings stay as they are and I have arranged as much of the wind so as not to leave too much out. However, I have made it easier by making sure some original extended brass passages intended for one player are now equally divided.


I won’t re-orchestrate the bigger pieces such as the 1812, and Bolero as they would lose too much in the translation; plus, it would be too onerous on the musicians! All the library pieces are out of copyright and therefore the only price you pay is for the hire of the parts.

Anthony Inglis

Violin Players

Orchestration and why?

The orchestration involves 1 flute who can also play the piccolo if required, 1 oboe similarly the cor anglais, 1 clarinet and 1 bassoon. The brass section is made up of 2 horns, 2 trumpets and 1 trombone who play either bass or more generally tenor. There is a harp in the appropriate pieces, occasionally a piano and a timpanist who can play percussion but has 2 additional percussion players. The strings, of course, can be any number but would have to balance with the wind and percussion. Generally, most orchestras using these orchestrations perform with a string strength of 6,5,4,3,2 without the need for microphones depending on venue.


This has proved to be an extremely popular combination and been used by other artists around the world and become the accepted norm.


You will notice nothing missing in the final result apart from the volume in the fortissimo sections, a necessary

by-product of a smaller orchestra!

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